Smallholder Sheep Vaccination Days

Wednesday 15th February and Wednesday 15th March 2023

Keen to vaccinate your sheep against Clostridial diseases and Pasteurella?

Not so keen to pay for a whole bottle of vaccine for just a few sheep?

As you are probably aware, once a bottle of vaccine has been opened, if has to be used within 8 hours. For this reason, we normally can only sell whole bottles. However, this Spring we have decided to run two vaccination days, where we will have a bottle open at the practice for you to come and collect however many doses you need. These two days will be 4 weeks apart, so if your sheep haven’t been vaccinated before, we have both the primary dose and the booster dose covered!

We will be using Ovivac-P Plus due to the lack of availability of Heptavac-P. This protects against 4 different Clostridial diseases (pulpy kidney, tetanus, braxy and blackleg) as well as Pasteurella pneumonia.

Each dose will cost just £1.54, plus a one-off dispensing fee of £6.50 per client.

We will need your orders by 10th February and 10th March respectively, to ensure we have enough Ovivac-P Plus in stock for everyone. You can order by phone, on 01825 764268, or by emailing admin@uckfieldvets.co.uk. Please specify how many doses you will need on which day! We’ll be asking you to come and collect the vaccines between 9.30am and 2pm on each of the vaccination days

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