As an RCVS accredited small animal practice, we are well equipped to provide the highest standards of veterinary care for your animal 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We have a range of facilities including:

Dog Kennel Room

This spacious area consists of numerous kennels of varied size, including 2 large walk-in kennels and 1 double-sized large walk-in kennel.

Should your pet require a stay in hospital for any reason, our kennels will ensure their stay is as comfortable as possible in order for them to make a speedy recovery.

Cat Kennel Room

We have a separate housing area where cats can relax comfortably away from barking dogs and general noise.


We have separate facilities to house patient’s requiring isolation/quarantine hospitalisation and barrier nursing.  We also have two large isolation walk-in kennels for larger dogs.

Preparation Room

We maintain a modern, spacious preparation room.


We have a spacious, well maintained theatre which is always kept in a level of high sterility and ready for any emergency operations if needed.

X-Ray Room

We boast the latest technology in digital x-ray and ultrasonography.


We are privileged to have our own laboratory on site, with access to many modern test facilities which enables us to:

  • Run in-house blood samples, obtaining results within 7minutes.
  • Run urine samples, including microscopy.
  • Run faecal samples.
  • Microscopy tests including: blood smears, urine sediments, worm egg counts, identification of mites, lice and other parasites, identification of urine crystals, red blood cell counts, white blood cell identification and counts.
  • Cell volume tests.

Other tests can be sent to an external laboratory via a courier service, where we usually expect the results within 24hours.


We offer dental scaling, polishing and extractions.