Protecting your dog from ticks

It is the time of year where ticks are more active so we are reminding dog owners to be more ‘tick aware’. There have been reports that ticks are more prevalent in Ashdown Forest at the moment. Ticks can spread diseases so here are some tick preventing tips!

  • Regular tick checks: After any outdoor activities with your dog, thoroughly inspect your dog for ticks, especially in areas such as around the ears, neck, underbelly and don’t forget in between the toes!
  • Use preventatives: We offer a range of effective treatments, book an appointment to talk about the best tick prevention product for your dog.
  • Know the symptoms: Be on the lookout for symptoms of tick borne diseases such as lyme disease such as a rash at the bite site, intermittent lameness, fever, lethargy.
  • Proper tick removal: It is really important to remove ticks properly, if done incorrectly mouth parts can be left inside and cause infection. Use a tick removal tool or if you are unsure contact us.

Protecting your dog from ticks is crucial for their health and wellbeing. If you would like any more information then please give us a call on 01825 764268.

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