Equine Dentistry

Dentistry is an important part of the routine care in the general health of your

Horses teeth are designed to graze- to chew grass and fibre- and they
continually wear down at a rate of 2-3mm a year.

Abnormalities such as overcrowding, spur growth and misalignment can be
seen and treated.

Clinical signs of dental disease include weight loss, smelly breath, bit problems,
dropping of food( quidding) and facial swellings and abscesses.

Routine dental checks and routine rasping may help to prevent these
problems and may improve your horses performance.

An ideal time to check to see if your horse, pony or donkey requires any dental
treatment is at the time of routine vaccination and any of our vets will be
happy to advise you.

Donal O’Leary has done courses in advanced equine dentistry and is happy to
perform procedures such as routine rasping, diastema filling and wolf tooth

We have a range of modern motorised and manual dental equipment.

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