What is Lungworm?

Lungworm in dogs is a parasitic disease caused by the roundworm Angiostrongylus vasorum that primarily affects the respiratory and cardiovascular systems. The effects of lungworm are becoming increasingly common in dogs and are particularly prevalent in areas where there are a lot of slugs and snails.

Dogs become infected with lungworm after inadvertently eating slugs/snails or infected faeces or vegetation affected by “slime trails”. The larvae are ingested and then migrate through the dogs body to the lungs where they develop into worms and start laying eggs to continue their life cycle.

This photograph was taken down a microscope . The sample was taken from a coughing dog and clearly shows the lungworm parasites.

The symptoms associated with lungworm can range from a mild cough to more severe signs such as coughing up blood, bleeding disorders and can even be fatal. If you have any concerns about your dogs health then please contact us at the surgery.

The good news is that lungworm is usually treatable provided that it is diagnosed before the dog is too sick.

The even better news is that it is preventable. Our vets can advise you on what is the best method for the prevention of lungworm in your dog. There are several options for lungworm prevention to include spot on treatments or tablets. Trying to avoid slugs and snails would also be advised.

Please contact the surgery on 01825 764268 for advice.

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