Kipling County Carriage-Driving Group Sponsorship!

Fairfield house Vets have very proudly nominated the Kipling County Carriage Driving Group as their supported charity for the recent Heathfield Show 2022.

Whilst The Group operates under the RDA umbrella and standards, it receives no direct financial support from RDA and is only able to operate through the generous donations received from fund raising activities and sponsors.

Our aim is to provide facilities for disabled members to enjoy and discover the delights of carriage driving and develop their own skills and sense of independence.”

Using specially trained ponies and several adapted carriages, The Group meets twice a week in Chalvington, East Sussex where it rents a field. The driving ponies are privately owned and kept and they are kindly donated by their owners to attend the driving sessions.

The members learn to drive dressage tests, cones courses, various obstacles and fun activities – each session being tailored to encourage a positive, relaxed and fun experience for all. These activities prepare our members to attend local shows, competitions, Le Trec and other fun events, such as Jubilee and RDA anniversary celebrations or even the National Championships. The majority of these costs are covered by the Group through fund raising activities. It can even claim to be the starting point for members competing at the Para Driving Championships.

The Group is, however, especially proud of the positive feedback it consistently receives from its members and their personal support networks. Each member is supported to work towards their own goals, whether that is to be competing, to drive a pony down the lane or to simply get into the carriage and hold the reins. The volunteers also benefit from such an upbeat and fun atmosphere leading to a positive outcome for all of those who participate in the Group’s activities, in whatever role.

All coaches, volunteers and committee members give their time freely without any financial compensation. Fairfield House are extremely proud to sponsor the Kipling County Carriage-Driving Group, to help enable the fantastic work they provide.

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