Pet Passport Scheme

You may wish to take your cat, dog or ferret away on holiday with you or to a dog show and this is now possible with the Pet Passport scheme providing that a number of requirements are met.

Microchip – This provides a number which identifies your pet and will be checked at all stages of the passport issuing. The animal must be microchipped before it is vaccinated.

N.B It is to become compulsory for all dogs in England to be fitted with microchips by 6 April 2016.

Rabies Vaccination – This can be done from 12 weeks of age. The date of vaccination, product name, batch number and expiry date will all be written in the passport. A booster is required after one year and thereafter every three years but if you are living abroad it is worth checking to see if there is a local requirement for rabies vaccination  annually.

A Pet Passport is valid 21 days after the rabies vaccination. You must have a valid, up to date passport in order to enter or re-enter the UK.

Your dog must be treated for tapeworm by an approved vet 1-5 days (24-120 hours)  before you are scheduled to return to the UK. This treatment will be entered into your passport, signed by the vet administering the treatment and it will be checked as you return to the UK.

If your animal does not meet the above entry requirements then your pet will be put into quarantine at your expense causing a lot of stress to both you and your pet.

There are also several other things to think about before getting a passport for your pet.

  • Will your old Labrador want to be sitting in the 100 degree heat of Greece?
  • Are there any other disease concerns that might be in the area to which you are travelling?  Many of the “exotic” diseases that are seen in Europe are insect borne (ticks, sandflies etc) and we can advise you on this.
  • Will your pet enjoy or cope with a long car journey? etc

We can advise you if you have any concerns and another useful point of reference is the Pet Travel Helpline  who can be contacted on 0370 241 1710 or or their website