Taking Your Pet Abroad

You may wish to take your cat or dog away on holiday with you or abroad to a dog show or for breeding purposes.

Since leaving the European Union the old style Pet Passports are no longer valid and will NOT allow you to travel freely.

Requirements for travel

  1. Microchip – This provides your pet with a unique identity number and it is checked at all stages of the process. NB it is also compulsory for dogs to have a microchip since 2016.
  2. Rabies Vaccination – This can be done from 12weeks of age. The date of vaccination, the manufacturer, batch number and expiry date all need to be recorded. A booster is required after one year and thereafter every three years. If you are living abroad then it is important to check what the local recommendation is.
  3. An Animal Health certificate (AHC) will need to be issued (this replaces the old pet passport) 10 days before your planned trip. You will need to bring your pet to the surgery for this to be completed. This is valid for 4 months for onward movement within Europe before returning to the UK in a single trip. Up to 5 animals can travel on one AHC. 
  4. Animals travelling to Ireland, Nothern Ireland, Malta or Finland need to be treated for tapeworm before travel from the UK.

In order to travel you need an AHC and a certified record of the rabies vaccine and microchip. If your animal does not meet these requirements then your pet will be put into quarantine and may not be able to travel or to return to the UK.  This will cause a lot of stress to both you and your pet.

On return to the UK

Before returning to the UK your pet will need to be treated by a vet for tapeworm 24-120 hours before returning home. This will be written on your EHC to allow you and your pet to re-enter the UK.

Other things to consider before travelling

  • Are there any other disease concerns in the area to which you are travelling? There are a number of “exotic” diseases that are seen in Europe and not here such as babesiosis and Leishmania. Many of these diseases are insect borne and we can advise you on appropriate tick or sandfly treatments.
  • Will your pet cope with the conditions where you are going to- will your old Labrador like the 100 degree heat in Greece?
  • Will your pet cope with the stress of a long journey?

For further information please look at the government website.

Register Now

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