Merry Christmas!

As the festive period is well underway we would like to remind everyone of a few items on the naughty list for our pets…

🥧Mince Pies, Christmas Cake & Pudding – Raisins and sultanas are toxic to dogs and unfortunately there’s no way to tell how much is too much for each dog! Please bear this in mind when laying out your festive treats.

🍫Chocolate – Please try to keep all chocolate out of sight and reach of our furry friends which means none on or under the tree! The toxicity depends on the type and amount of chocolate and the size of dog, refer to the helpful VetsNow guide below if you suspect your dog has eaten chocolate.

🎍Mistletoe, Holly and Poinsettia – These seasonal plants are all poisonous for dogs and cats, please keep them out of reach of your pets.

🍇 Grapes are always a no no – quite often these are put out with cheese, following on from all the dried fruit above, don’t give your pets grapes either!

🧅 Onions – make sure you don’t give your pet any onions either – stuffing is the most common place at Christmas, or maybe bubble and squeak??

Prevention is better then cure so please do your best this Christmas to keep your home as safe as possible for your pet – and avoid any emergency trips to the vets!

If you would like any advice about toxicities or you suspect your pet has ingested any of the above don’t hesitate to call us at the practice.

In the meantime, a very Merry Christmas from us all at Uckfield Vets!

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