Looking for New Vets in Sussex?

Uckfield Vets are taking on many new animals every week. From dogs, cats and other small furry friends, to farms of animals and also the odd exotic breed! If you are looking for new vets in Sussex then please get in touch!

Sadly, we are noticing that many vets near our area are closing. This is therefore meaning that many towns and villages in Sussex have no vet whatsoever. So we are now registering new customers further into other villages of East Sussex and also the edges of West Sussex. Of this we are actually very proud – many customers have told us that they are more than happy to drive quite a distance to come to us, which is a great testimony in itself!

Really good vets, I travel past three other vets to get here, which shows how pleased I am with their service

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Household Pets and more

We do have many cats and dogs on our books – it is true to say that for obvious reasons they are the most popular choices to be registered. Rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters and all the little furry animals are great favourites too! Birds are fun creatures to deal with – some can be very entertaining! Then you get aquatic creatures and perhaps arachnids as well, certainly not for the faint hearted!

We work with many horses, which is commonplace when you live in the countryside! Equine dentistry is quite a skill…

It is when you move to the slightly more unusual members of the animal kingdom that it gets really interesting…we meet lots of alpacas, donkeys and llamas; you will often see one or two waiting their turn out in our car park! Or perhaps a sheep will be escorted in…there really never is a quiet moment! And working with local zoos mean that we can sometimes have visits from the odd penguin, meerkat or even maybe a monkey!

Farm Animals

We work alongside many local farms and this is what many of our vets specialise in. Cows, pigs, sheep, plus more…what is better for our highly trained staff, to spend a night in a barn with their favourite animals!! (and we say that slightly tongue in cheek!)

Useful Information

We give everyone lots of useful advice and information, both on our website as well as in person. This helps to show the high levels of experience we can offer. Including acupuncture, teeth clinics and much more. Our social media is also a fun way of getting our name out there and we get loads of interaction from many happy customers, both on our Facebook Page as well as our newly created but very active Instagram Page.

We also operate that all important Emergency overnight care that is always very important to many of our clients.

Get in Touch

If you are in need of finding a new vet and are based in Sussex, then why not give us a call on 01825 764268 or maybe even fill out our Register Now form.Someone will be on hand to answer any of your questions and start to grow that all important relationship that is required with a vet, the animals and their owners.

The best vets practice in East Sussex. You are in very safe, compassionate and competent hands.

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Register Now

If you would like to register your pets with us at Fairfield House then please give us a call now, or follow the link to fill in a registration form and one of our friendly members of staff will be in touch.

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