Large animals

Large animal work made up the greatest part of the work load of the practice at its inception in 1953.Whilst the practice has evolved to include companion animals over the subsequent 60 years we still pride ourselves on the level of service and commitment that we provide to the agricultural community.

At the same time we have evolved and embraced the advances in knowledge and technology along the way whilst continuing to provide 24 hour services as a fundamental part of the practice.

Our services for cattle include treatment and advice on

  • Routine fertility work- including ultrasound scanning
  • Nutritional and metabolic diseases
  • Infectious disease control
  • Mastitis
  • Lameness
  • Herd health planning

We prefer to provide preventative medicine where possible and can provide advice on this.

We have always included a first opinion equine veterinary service and are happy to provide advice on matters equine including routine care, vaccination, micro-chipping and worming and we provide emergency cover 24 hours a day by our own vets at our own premises if your horse should need it.

Pigs have become a very popular animal to keep- from two weaners in the back garden to more commercial enterprises. Advice is available on routine health planning including worming, vaccination and lameness as well as emergency cover for the sick or injured pig.

Sheep have always been a part of our large animal practice, from small holders with a few rare breed sheep to large commercial flocks. We can provide advice on worming and vaccination programmes with an in house faecal egg count service. Pre-lambing visits are an ideal way to discuss potential concerns and develop flock health schemes. We will frequently see sheep at the surgery or on visits, and have been known to do lambings in the car park in the back of the car!

Camelids have become increasingly popular over the last few years and our expertise and knowledge in these animals have taken us all over the south east and abroad. Advice on routine worming, nutrition, vaccination and vitamin supplementation is available. Routine procedures such as castration, attending fighting teeth and of course emergency visits for sick animals and difficult births are all covered.

The backyard hen is now a regular visitor to the vet as chickens become increasingly popular pets. Advice on routine health, disease prevention and husbandry can be given. We are also happy to advise on larger commercial flocks of poultry, waterfowl and gamebirds.

We are committed to providing a 24 hour emergency service to our clients. This is covered by our own vets who are competent in all aspects of mixed practice.