Bluetongue Disease Outbreak: Update and Advice

Bluetongue is a disease of sheep, cattle, other ruminants such as deer and sheep and can also affect camelids. It has spread from Europe and is spread via infected midges.

There have been confirmed cases in Kent and Norfolk after active surveillance from the APHA.  Livestock owners have been asked to remain vigilant and report any suspicious signs in their livestock.

Clinical signs of bluetongue include

  • ulcers and sore in the mouth and nose, discharge from the eyes/nose and drooling, swelling of the lips, tongue, head, neck and coronary band

Other vague signs of bluetongue include reddened skin, fever, lameness , breathing problems, abortion and death.


Bluetongue is a notifiable disease and if you suspect it in any of your animals then it must be reported to the APHA immediately by phoning 03000 200 301. You can read further guidance on the government’s website.

Or if you have any further questions or concerns then please phone us at the surgery on 01825 764268 and ask to speak to one of our farm vets.

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