Becoming a Vet

How can I look at becoming a vet?

A degree in veterinary medicine and surgery is required to become a vet. This degree can be obtained from a number of universities in the UK- Bristol, Cambridge, London, Nottingham, Liverpool, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Surrey. A number of foreign universities may also offer this.

The requirements to get into vet school vary between universities and it is worth looking on the appropriate websites or looking at their prospectus to see their specific entry requirements. They will usually want a combination of science and/or maths A levels.

Work Experience

Work experience either in a veterinary practice or on farm is often part of the requirements and will show the university that you are committed and keen to follow a career in veterinary medicine. We do take students for work experience and this can be arranged by writing, phoning or emailing one of our receptionists to see availability.

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